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Psychologist's Office


For most people, life is hard in one way or another.  Sometimes our hard leads us to a need to heal from a variety of life experiences and difficulties. Therapy is one of many ways someone might seek emotional healing and well-being. It is certainly not the only way, but having a person with whom you can process your life experiences, your wounds and triumphs, strengths and needs, can help you create the headspace and heart space for personal growth and change. I view my role as a therapist to guide you back to your own power. You are not broken. You are whole, vibrant, and full of life and possibility! As a therapist, I center my clients' agency and knowledge of self. My research often finds its way into my therapy office. As the old adage goes, “Information is power.” Part of my practice work includes leading people to solid evidence to help them in their growth and healing.

Seeing individuals, couples, and families


Cost: $110 per 50 minute session

Well-Being Coaching for Executives

Executives experience a unique set of professional demands that can be challenging to meet while staying emotionally and physically well.  Long hours, high stakes, and corporate crises may lead you to burnout and other health challenges. Well-being coaching will equip you with the skills needed to facilitate resilience and wellness through achieving work/life balance

Cost: $300 per hour. 


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Speaking and Organizational Training

Organizations function optimally when their workforce is healthy and happy. I offer training and consulting services focused on fostering resilience and well-being practices and policies for organizations and their workforce. I am also available for speaking engagements. Consulting and training needs vary from organization to organization. Please reach out to tell me more about your organization's specific needs. 

Cost: Email for pricing. 

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