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 Hi there! I am Shelby Clark. My own humanity shapes the way I approach my work. My mission as a scholar, educator, and practicing therapist is to transform our society. Social work is change work. I’m sure it sounds lofty… and maybe even unattainable to some. I do my change work in the world one small corner (and heart) at a time; starting with my own corner and heart and working outwards. I prioritize and elevate the strengths of those I work with in my research, teaching, and practice. I believe change is rooted in relationships. Therefore, relationships are central to all components of my work.  

I am an assistant professor at The University of Kentucky College of Social Work. Broadly,
my research interests focus on the use of well-being and contemplative interventions to
address traumatic stress. I research the relationships between organizational well-being,
workforce well-being, and outcomes with service recipients. As a social work scholar, I use
information to inspire more fulfilled living for people, communities, and society at large.
In my decade of social work practice, I have worked with children, adolescents, and families
in both non-profit and private practice settings. I have trained in a variety of therapeutic
modalities including cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and
dialectical behavioral therapy. I am also a yoga teacher and incorporate mind-body
interventions in my work with clients.

I am an avid yoga and mindfulness practitioner, lover of cheese (can’t beat a creamy brie
paired with warm bread and fruit), a voracious reader (give me all the inspiring memoirs),
and, from time to time, a Netflix binger (where my Schitt’s Creek people at?). I am also a
spouse, mama to two, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbor, engaged community member, and a
woman of faith in Jesus Christ. My positionality as a Christian and my ethical guidelines as
a social worker encourages me to honor the autonomy and center the inherent dignity and
worth of all people. I affirm the rights and agency of LGBTQIA+ individuals. I also believe
firmly that Black Lives Matter. I have a deeply held belief that we are all intrinsically
connected to one another. This belief drives my commitment to work towards a
compassionate, just, equitable, and sustainable world. 

I am a human working alongside other humans. If you are interested in receiving regular
updates about my work, and feel free to sign-up for my newsletter.
All the best,


Shelby Clark

Scholar | Educator | Practitioner

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