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Hello, I'm Shelby Clark

Scholar | Educator | Practitioner



Thanks for dropping in.

I am Shelby Clark, a clinically licensed social worker who is one part
scholar, one part educator, and one part practitioner. I create knowledge and
share information in ways that inspire better living for all people. Whether
you are a practitioner, a person seeking to foster holistic well-being in your
life, or a social science nerd, I offer resources and services to help you on
your journey. Check out my about me page for more details.

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When You Need A Good Cry

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Space & Grace

Sacred Space

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Recent Publications

Conscious Compassion:

A Co-Created Poetic Representation of Social Workers’ Experiences with Compassion

Investigating the Relationships Between Trauma Symptoms and Placement Instability
‘Youth are not something to check off your to do list’:

Poetic inquiry into the symbols youth, parents and professionals use to reimagine supports for youth in foster care

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